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Discussion in 'Editor's choice' started by Johnson, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Can President Donald Trump share top secret information?

    Does anyone see the US national security might have been compromised ?

    sharing information to fight terrorism with the second most powerful country is a step forward towards peace.

    Such cooperation might continue irrrespective of some running around like headless chickens hoops
  2. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

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  3. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Pentagon chief wants excess bases closed, but warns cuts put ‘troops at greater risk’

    Very interesting even with so much of funds it's not enough and not able to defeat ISIS
    Could this be due to mishandling or incompetence ?

    Something from Mr Putin
    US nurtured Al-Qaeda & supported terrorists in Chechnya – Putin

    Iran’s supreme leader calls US fight against ISIS ‘a lie’ as allegations intensify

    Many might think we heard this before

    Things are changing and might change for good. There might be no going back.
    Hope some understand and change their path.
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  4. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Senators reach Russia sanctions deal
    New sanctions against Russia for supplying arms to Syria - very sad to see against a country fighting ISIS, who has been murdering people in UK and other European countries.

    Now its the time for Shangai Group Organisation to kick start their equivalent banking systems and credit cards - I believe many would join...

    However recently Qatar was mentioned that it allegedly supports terrorism on multiple fronts by US, no talk about sanctions. But in few days, I think hardly a week
    US warships arrive in Qatar for drills days after Trump slams Doha as ‘funder of terrorism’

    However recent arms sale to Saudi Arabia for a tune of $110 billion
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  5. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    US envoy Nikki Haley: No place for Assad in post-ISIS Syria

    Nikki always come across as anti Assad regime, most likely she is a messenger, so some say " don't shoot the messenger" [ figure of speech]
    Very interesting inference
    U.S is so up tight with the Russian in meddling in a "democratic process" of a sovereign country , in this case US
    No concrete evidence has been provided so far, I believe its at least six months
    Sanctions after sanctions from U.S
    What gives some countries the "RIGHT" to decide on the future of other sovereign countries, I just can't understand, this is very worrying in the sense even the new French President was mentioning something along the lines of " there is no one to replace Assad". Even such a thought from someone like him, who during his recent election campaign mentioned "Russia has hacked into their campaign"..... very worrying..
    One day the common people will understand why wars exists and who are responsible.

    Historically for some dynasties/empires who have continued to misuse their power for money and greed, have vanished from earth. So its only a matter of time.

    CNN’s Van Jones admits Russia story a ‘big nothing burger’ in undercover video

    Its very worrying how a handful of people might be a threat to world peace, preying on vulnerable adults and costing innocent lives
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  6. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

  7. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    US mulls return of seized Russian diplomatic property ‘to give cooperation a chance’ – Trump aide https://www.rt.com/usa/396298-russia-compound-return-syria/

    It's better this way as
    History says dynasties and empires turned into tourist spots for their remaining ruins.

    If you both ever start a fight - there are many opportunistic people like Europe waiting to take your places.

    Do not say no one likes President Thrump and Putin....
  8. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    US moves one step closer to imposing fresh Russia sanctions

    What a shame for "alleged", 6 months no concrete evidence
    Somewhere it was mentioned that the sanctions are related to Russia supporting Syria.
    US was not fully supporting the peace process in Astana,perhaps it was a Russian initiative along with Iran and Turkey.

    Is it that ironical that US forces are illegally in a sovereign country territory and triumphing democracy in their own country.
    Such double standards might have serious consequences and might itself be a treat to world peace.
    It's pretty obvious US failed to flex its
    Muscles in Syria but doing so economically.
    I believe this might backfires and some might say " shooting their own legs".
    Time is the factor.
  9. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

  10. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

  11. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

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