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Discussion in 'Editor's choice' started by Johnson, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. Johnson

    Johnson Member

  2. Johnson

    Johnson Member

    Syria 'chemical attack' down to Assad, US says

    As mentioned by our PM this is Act of Babarism in modern world
    In BBC it's source says EMC ,SOHR and LCC,
    And some are too quick to call for Assad to go even before any independent findings and credible evidence
    WHOEVER done this might have to pay a heavy price ...
    Would also mean the demise of ISIS and Al Queda, it's nothing but desperation, the days are by numbered

    May Allah the Almighty show mercy on you guys
    The innocents always pay the price and may their souls rest in peace
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  3. Johnson

    Johnson Member

    I hope the so called ISIS/JAN/AQ might consider to lay down their weapons with a unconditional surrender and be considered to be rehabilitated.
    Innocent civilians are paying the price all over the world, its not worth it.
    If not I see the demise of these outfits, sooner rather than later.
    As mentioned in yesterday new briefing - " annihilation" of these outfits, please I see this is coming and its necessarily does not need to be this way.
    Yes this is for the 20 + babies and many others killed in recent chemical attack and for thousands of innocents killed in different countries, may their souls RIP.
  4. Johnson

    Johnson Member

    Syria war: Evacuation begins in besieged towns

    This is not right, however better than killing each other
    I hope people might realise, hopefully not too late that they could have lived together.
    Can someone imagine how affluent they might be with the resources if they decide to share among them.
  5. Johnson

    Johnson Member

    Old news
    13 April

    Army Command: Hundreds, including many civilians, killed in int’l coalition’s airstrike on ISIS toxic materials depot

    15 April

    29 citizens injured in a terrorist attack in Deir Ezzor

    Did not come across in any other mainstream medias
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  6. Johnson

    Johnson Member

    Syria war: Huge bomb kills dozens of evacuees in Syria

    Today 16 April Pope strongly condemned this massacre of innocent civilians

    Pope Francis uses Easter message to condemn 'vile' Syria attack

    Syria war: 'At least 68 children among 126 killed' in bus bombing

    I hope our PM , FM , France and US might join our Pope, in condemning this barbaric action against humanity and bring "those" responsible to justice.

    Security Council condemns terrorist attack on citizens of Kafrya and al-Foua’a

  7. Johnson

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  8. Johnson

    Johnson Member

    21 April
    Israeli warplanes target military position in Khan Arnabeh in Quneitra, causing material damage
  9. Johnson

    Johnson Member

    25 April
    ‘Theatrical decisiveness’: US sanctions 271 Syrians amid stalled Idlib chemical attack probe

    Does sanctions work ?
    I read in RT that ISIS is using chemical weapons against civilians in Raqqa and two out of ten places for possibly holding chemical stock piles in Syria remaining to be inspected where UN is unable to gain access to inspect as its under rebel control? Equally it says all 8 under government control has bee inspected by UN watchdog.

    Sometimes its better this way as it proves to the world that in the near future that Syria could be free of any chemical weapons production due to these sanctions.

    The world knows and I believe Syria might continue to have the blessings of Allah the Almighty to fight so called terrorism until their demise in Middle East as this would mean that there might be a stop to most killings of innocent civilians around the world, well its the question of when ? NOT IF? I hope some understand this before its too late. Equally people might consider to lay down their arms and negotiate for everyone's betterment. I believe this can be still achieved if some think for themselves and stop listening to OTHERs, I mean their leaders of course.

    25 April
    ISIS once ‘apologized’ to Israel for attacking IDF soldiers – former Defense Minister

    24 April
    UN 'deeply concerned' over safety of 400,000 civilians fleeing US-led coalition airstrikes in Raqqa

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  10. Johnson

    Johnson Member

    ‘US media shuns anyone who challenges White House narrative on Syria chemical attack'

    It would be best if anyone can disclose all the 271 names and their role descriptions. This is blessings in disguise for Syrians as the world might know that Syrian Government has no means to produce any chemical weapons, let alone I understand that UN has announced that all government controlled areas were declared free of chemical weapons in 2013.

    On the contrary I hope these unilateral sanctions by U.S does not hinder in any way the capabilities of the Syrian government to fight terrorism, as innocent people are killed around the world. Among them are the people who maintain law, like the policeman killed in front of the parliament in London and 2 officers shot dead in Paris... who could have been a son/daughter or father/mother and the impact of these killings towards their families, who are peace loving people who go out to work to protect the public and wants the best for their own families.

    ONE DAY people will see the bigger picture before its too late and decide. I believe that's going to be soon.

    I hope that we are not sleep walking into a catastrophe - I hope history does not repeat itself.

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