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Discussion in 'Editor's choice' started by Johnson, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    "Try not to get involve in BIG POLITICS"

    A say-

    " Don't trouble trouble unless trouble troubles you"

    No extreme views please or promotion of any malicious aspects. This can lead to banning for life from using this website.
    War can never bring peace, only further destruction and suffering to innocent people.
    A common theme is Middle East, fights between factions.
    Sometimes divide and rule works.
    Take India as an example with so many states with different languages. But corruption might be a problem. At least no war and killing between them.
    Its obvious the greed is widespread among certain people
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  2. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

  3. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

  4. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Syria conflict: Rebels 'to leave Yarmouk refugee camp' 24 Dec 2015


    I wish the Almighty Allah stops all the wars in the Middle East.
    When people are fighting "an eye for an eye", its worth to consider "divide and rule".
    Please consider not to repeat the same mistakes from the past.
    To consider to move all children and elderly out from conflict zones - a vital key principle in any war. This should be supported or foreseen by UN.
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  5. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

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  6. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

  7. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Madaya Syria: '400 residents must leave' for medical treatment 12 Jan 2016


    I hope the President of Syria allow this.
    I hope Russia also can persuade the Syrian President on this
    I hope the vulnerable - children and elderly are evacuated from Madaya and other similar besieged cities.
    I don't understand why the children are staying behind in such war zones- is it the rebels using them or is the government blockading them from leaving.
    I am mindful of media or propaganda bias , this includes BBC too. But its not my call to be the judge.

    But what I do know is that
    "Each one of us has to take responsibilities for our actions "
    I read a bag of rice is sold for £150 in Madaya. So who is selling the rice ? and who is controlling the distribution ? its interesting.....
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  8. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

  9. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

  10. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Aleppo: Brain surgery carried out on hospital floor
    It is very sad to see such disturbing pictures
    Children and civilians might be used as human shields
    Innocents should leave places seeing a full scale war immediately
    Information bias is a possibility

    Please can BBC consider asking why civilians and children are still there in a place experiencing full scale war and why aren't they using the humanitarian corridors to leave the place and do a documentary, as I read somewhere that people who do not pay money are trapped, I might have got this wrong

    These videos might draw in more innocents from all over the world to fight
    Any civilised person would ask his family to leave if he decides to stay back and fight
    In any war certain rules apply
    May Allah the Almighty show mercy and change people's minds to give up arms
    As I understand some countries take sides, on the ground people fighting can never shoot down an aircraft with AK -47s
    Even if they get sophiscated weapons to shoot down say for an example a SU27 and are successful, the situation can only escalate and become more intense, instead one bomb there will be 20 bombs dropped and so on

    Please give up the arms and Russia will find a long term solution
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  11. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Any support from anyone can be defeated by treating your own people the same and giving them the fair share, not by weapons.

    This is also one of the powerful ways to defeat terrorism.

    Its worth sometimes pointing the fingers at you first then towards others, knowing others are there as opportunistics
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  12. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Syrians including the oppositions who are having talks later this month in Astana might consider to joint forces and eradicate terrorism in Syrian soil.
    Asking IS and JFS to leave the Syrian soil before any measures taken.
    Only together Syrians can achieve ever lasting peace
    People on the ground who have lost their loved ones should elect their leaders to represent them in Astana, not a bunch of people sitting somewhere to represent them as there might be conflict of interests
    Anyone representing these talks might consider before going to "look into the eyes of their woman and children" and around them where no drinking water, people dying of cold etc...

    I believe sooner rather than later there will be powerful force created against IS and JFS, so its best they feel part of Syria or should leave before any bloodshed.

    Equally the government might consider and do "whatever it takes" to sort out the mess its created

    Syrians can live in skyscrapers

    Look at Afghanistan - for Syrians this should ring alarm bells

    If anyone who does not feel Syrian, but rather Sunni, might consider to move to a country ruled by Sunnis
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  13. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Syria conflict: War of words as peace talks open in Astana
    I hope both make the most of it by being flexible

    Any negotiation is give and take
    Or this will be a lost opportunity to innocent people

    Rebels might have learnt the lessons from Aleppo

    MrAlloush might consider carefully his wordings, but emotions are understandable

    If this does not work - may Allah Almighty be with you both
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  14. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

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  15. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

  16. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Tahrir al-Sham: Al-Qaeda's latest incarnation in Syria

    If unwilling for a political settlement and even at this time expressing thoughts to topple Syrian government and for someone who does not think about the sufferings of innocent civilians might consider to think again.
  17. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    I see many joining the Syrian military who have previously taken arms against the regime - A true Syrian will protect his country.
    Now Mr Assad might consider to do whatever it takes to give them equal rights and treat them like his own family, if not he might have failed in the eyes of others
    Equally ISIS and other factions might consider to lay down their arms and negotiate - sometimes its better late than never. If these people truly believe in Allah The Almighty they will do it
    I understand a zero tolerance to any forms of corruption in the governments is also a key issue.

    "Please share your wealth among your brothers and sisters"
  18. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Palmyra: Syrian forces 'completely retake' IS-held town
    Recapture of palmyra was only a matter of time
    Hope Isis surrenders to reduce the bloodshed
    Still theremight be hope for some sort of negotiations
    Just because some are branded as terrorists, certainly doesn't mean no room for negotiations
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  19. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Syria 'air raid on mosque kills 42' in Aleppo province

    Need to follow this news

    Syria 'air raid on mosque kills 42' in Aleppo province

    Since when us led planes operate in Aleppo area I thought they do in Raqqa area, hmmm but again turkey too operating and some might be trying to jeopardise the on going talks

    Is it tit for tat an eye for an eye ?

    If civilians are paying the price on both ends, perhaps someone might consider sending in the ghost soldiers again for a complete eradication of anyone who is killing innnocent civilians in Syria

    Perhaps wait until end of March and see what happens
    Normally history is good at repeating itself
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  20. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

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