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ST4-6 ( interviews, jobs etc..)

Discussion in 'PSYCHIATRY SPECIALITIES' started by Johnson, May 21, 2016.

  1. Johnson

    Johnson Subscribed

    An advise from a close friend

    3 stations
    1. about eportfolio
    2. audit and leadership
    3. scenario

    Not all are successful even passing CASC after many attempts - which is devastating

    sometimes for some also "luck luck luck....."

    Tips ( for "some"of course - my personal view only)

    The selection criteria - "god only knows", but the following could be helpful

    As core trainees - please complete an good audit cycle - something that makes a real difference in patient care, not the one some do "to tick the box". I feel this could on its own might get the job as you care really, I mean "really care" for your patients.

    Have some experience teaching medical students (important) and DO NOT forget to collect the feedbacks (as locum staff grade I do some informal teaching to medical students and I have found very useful feedbacks to improve my own teaching skills and style and I collect feedbacks from every student)

    Keep thank you cards and emails
    ( anything where you have been appreciated - could be from any staffs, HR for stepping in to cover a last minute locum - I would give you the job as NHS needs people like you during this time)

    more to come....
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