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Discussion in 'Editor's choice' started by Johnson, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

  2. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Russia might consider in cooperation with Syria to rehab any rebels caught at this time rather than amnesty in Aleppo

    Perhaps the founding principles might apply like no torture , this is where some stand out and others might also be on their side

    As mentioned any agreements on withdrawal of rebels might be too late , now it has come only to "unconditional surrender" of all rebels in Aleppo

    More time has been given but I guess some hardened fighters have made their decisions
    Russia might consider a ceasefire under above terms
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  3. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Syria conflict: Army 'suspends Aleppo fighting'

    Some relief for civilians
    Hope the situation improves

    Shia and Sunnis are brothers and sisters
    Please learn to share your wealth
    It's sad to see civilians have to scavenge for food and no running water in places where people could have good life


    For People who are solely responsible

    "Enjoy while you can"

    Even Allah the Almighty / God might not pardon such people

    People have their chances, but some might be greedy, anything is not enough
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  4. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    10 December 2016
    Syria conflict: US to send troops to help seize Raqqa from IS

    9 December 2016
    Syria war: IS edge closer to Palmyra again

    I think due to US led collision fight in Raqqa, IS is out attacking Syrian forces in Palmyra, perhaps no where to go

    Here Russia might consider using TU bombers against any advancements of IS into any further Syrian territories

    Very interesting comments
    Who is inflaming whom
    Perhaps only gods know

    It's matter of time, slow and steady....
    Today Aleppo, tomorrow it might be Raqqa
    "Who thought few weeks ago Aleppo would be recaptured 95% as of today"

    The saying is
    " man proposes and God disposes"

    Let Syrians sort out themselves by intra dialogues
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  5. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Russia might consider taking evidence of arms catches and its origin and taking all evidences to UN to let the world know the support given to people who were shooting innocent fleeing civilians
    The people who lay down their arms now must have consequences
  6. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Syria conflict: Aleppo rebels 'stem army advance'
    Some might reflect and lay down arms and go for unconditional surrender with possible rehabilitation

    Holding on to less than 10 % and being determine to fight itself shows the sheer lack of consideration for civilians

    Any conventional losing side (like army) would have surrendered by now
  7. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Russia might consider using their entire TU fleet against any advancement of so called IS, but also being mindful not to use in and around civilian areas

    Only way forward is intra Syrian dialogues

    Or I can see losses of catastrophic proportions

    People who started will be held accountable in front of others

    The very organisation that maintains the balance has failed in its obligations
  8. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Aleppo battle: Rebels on brink amid rapid losses

    celebrations are okay
    Perhaps premature at this stage
    So much innocent lives lost
    And for what ?

    Remaining rebels might consider surrender, this can be done by listening to their conscience, if they listen to other - there are consequences

    Speak among yourselves
    Share your wealth
    Or else it would be someone else
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  9. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Aleppo battle: UN chief warns of 'atrocities against civilians'
    UN might consider to collect concrete evidences (not just reports ) and provide to international community

    Not like
    Aleppo teacher: 'It's Doomsday in rebel-held east'

    Do u see what I see?
    One day which is sooner rather than later the world will see

    People like us have come and gone.

    The time of
    Forgiveness - done
    ? - future
    I hope people understand and might consider or start to reflect as this place could be a better place, but I believe something is running out
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  10. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Aleppo battle: UN says 82 civilians shot on the spot

    Russian might consider condemning and bringing them in front of the law, anyone harming innocent civilians

    Rebels might consider to surrender to lessen the sufferings and not using children and civilians as human shields
  11. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Battle for Aleppo: The final goodbyes from a city under siege
    Russia says 98% captured
    Civilians Please leave Aleppo
    It's not a place for innocent civilians
    Hope the final battles ends with less bloodshed
    Harreh Allah
    - why ?
  12. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Zero tolerance to any form
    Of summary killings even if it's committed by anyone including armed forces
    Such people should be punished severely
    No one harms any unarmed person even he is the worst person on earth
  13. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Some sacrifices are made for the good of many- may his soul rest is peace.

    It's a good move to allow UN monitors as this could speed up the humanitarian process and lessen the sufferings of innocent people.

    Once Russia mentioned all left in Aleppo are terrotists, no moderate opposition, how come so many of them so called terrorists are allowed to leave Aleppo , slightly "disappointed" with Russia. But having said people have been given enough time to leave or separate from each other, it's a choice some make and its a war, it's brutal and ugly and some need to understand. After all is it for this some held on, it's very poor prediction or judgment

    Russia might consider not misleading the people, hope such things are avoided by Russia.

    Nevertheless it's role to promote intra Syrian talks is welcome , Syrians knows what is best for them.
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  14. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

  15. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Syria conflict: UN endorses Syria ceasefire deal

    Others might consider to distant themselves from JFSand IS
    It's paramount for a lasting solution

    RUSSIA might consider to implement this strictly . Not bombarding rebel held areas included in truce

    Hope 2017 holds a better life for Syrians
  16. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Syrians including the oppositions who are having talks later this month in Astana might consider to join forces and eradicate terrorism on Syrian soil.

    Asking IS and JFS to leave the Syrian soil before any measures taken.

    Only together Syrians can achieve ever lasting peace.

    People on the ground who have lost their loved ones should elect their leaders to represent them in Astana, not a bunch of people sitting somewhere to represent them as there might be conflict of interests.

    Anyone representing these talks might consider before attending, to "look into the eyes of their woman and children" and to look around them where no drinking water, people dying of cold etc...

    I believe sooner rather than later a powerful force might rise against IS and JFS, so its best they feel part of Syria or should leave before any further bloodshed.

    Equally the government might consider and do "whatever it takes" to sort out the mess it created

    Syrians can live in skyscrapers

    Look at Afghanistan - for Syrians this should ring alarm bells and lessons learnt, " too many cooks spoil the broth"

    If anyone who does not feel Syrian, but rather Sunni, might consider to move to a country ruled by Sunnis
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  17. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Syria war: IS 'loses key' Aleppo water station to army forces

    So pleased to hear about this
    It's good a picture of Russian General shaking hands with a US General is not there yet as media might have come with a story leading to Mr President (US)

    Well done Mr President you have kept your word as this might mean a world of hope for innocent civilians trapped.

    Please keep talking as this can narrow the differences.

    ISIS might consider a way to negotiate to reduce the bloodshed and it's never too late to change, look around you and learn from what you see. Please see the bigger picture, innocent lives pay the price and definitely should stop hurting and killing innocent people in other countries, I mean in any country if you need what you fight for.

    No one knows as Allah Almighty might give you what you deserve as in front of him we all are humans.

    Guys the world in changing whether you like it or not.....
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  18. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Israel's Arrow anti-missile system 'in first hit'
    No location mentioned ? Could this be in palmyra? Interesting

    Russia might consider using S300 and S400 if any violation of Syrian airspace and sovereignty and territorial integrity and if not discussed with Russia.
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  19. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Removing Assad no longer a priority - US

    Harrah Allah the Almighty
    Please let the ghost soldiers keep the peace and stay forever with complete eradication of terrorists from Middle East from today
    Protect the civilians
    Help the frail and the children
    Rehabilitate the terrorists if willing to lay down their arms
    May Allah the Almighty be with you all who are willing to protect their country.

    Mr Assad might consider leaving when there is stability.
  20. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Syria war: US launches missile strikes in response to chemical 'attack'

    Syria and Russia might consider to continue its fight against terrorism, irrespective of such acts or distraction. The ghost soldiers might consider to take the strike against terrorism door to door and street by street.
    Some in the world knows what might be happening, again its only a matter of time
    Russia might be deterred by such actions, but its very very unfortunate
    Others support would continue with Syria and Russia fighting terrorism
    Mr Trump might have considered to wait until an official UN investigation, its very unfortunate
    Bombing the airfield could be done anytime, IF it was from a single strike single fighter, this could be repeated also in the future.
    Strike on airfield could slow down the fight against terrorism, yes boundaries might shift, I believe there might be complete eradication of terrorism in Middle East sooner rather than later.
    Very unfortunate, more innocent people might die
    For some "enjoy while you can", no power ever lasted
    So its greed and power..... May Allah the Almighty show some mercy on such people and show such actions might have repercussions
    For the time being wait and see what might be unfolding, for some this would be a real surprise

    UN might consider its official investigation sooner into the chemical attack on innocent people and share its findings with Mr Trump, the sooner the better.
    Russia might consider a direct response if any further violations of international laws
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