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Junior/trainee doctors fund (worldwide)

Discussion in 'AVAILABLE SOON' started by Johnson, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member


    This forum can be used by anyone and people can create individual funding threads.

    Each thread created with be highly individualised with a need/project.

    Eg. Help flood victims in Chennai, food bank in Norwich, Help Syrian refugees etc...
    ( people might wonder these already exist, but there is a small difference here - 99% of money collected (excluding official charges(yet to find out) will reach the intended project. I mean people who deal with them will receive the funds and there would be system to oversee that its not abused).

    Now the site is secure (https) with up to date malware protection.

    I would SOON start raising funds to try to protect the junior doctors certain interests, where other organisations might not do so. eg BMA

    This funding might go "THAT EXTRA MILE".

    Some of my fellow friends have had a stressful training period for various reasons, sometimes suffering in silence and no one to turn to and unable to take further actions due to various reasons. eg: financial etc...

    Its time for change.

    A simple say-

    "yesterday it was my friend, tomorrow it could be anyone"
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