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Join our NEW PREMIUM CASC forum on Whatsapp

Discussion in 'Join NEW PREMIUM CASC forum' started by Johnson, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. Johnson

    Johnson Subscribed

    Payment can be made to
    Paypal account - jojosri@yahoo.com
    I passed CASC after few attempts, perhaps with some help some might have the chances to pass CASC 1st time. I am working as a higher trainee in Cambridge. I have talked to few peers taken who took the new CASC module in January 2018.

    Contact email: jojosri@yahoo.com
    This message is CASC related.
    Now you can follow us on facebook - esharingbook/ psychiatry training ( closed group)

    Welcome to esharingbook.com. Registering on this site will give you access to most forums. There are lots of other information and tips to pass CASC including the new module starting in January 2018.

    Prices [in British Sterling Pounds]
    Package A - £30
    Package B – £100 [ 12 months access to website and whatsapp premium CASC forum]
    Package C - £300 [includes packageB]
    We reserve the right to terminate the contract if any malicious or inappropriate comments posted on website/forum at the discretion of the admin.
    Payment details will be sent separately.

    Package A
    2 months access to esharingbook.com.

    Package B
    1. Annual subscription ONLY [12 months] – £100. LIMITED TIME OFFER.
    2. Includes full access to esharingbook.com and to whatsapp premium CASC group.
    3. Feedback from me [ST4 from Feb 2018 in Cambridge and currently working as anLocum Associate Specialist] and other senior psychiatric registrars working in Cambridge trust and other trusts. There may be few staff grades who passed CASC involved. I will try to provide the best service by recruiting UK local English speaking senior registrars depending on the success of this group.

    Package C
    1. Annual subscription ONLY [12 months ] – from £300. LIMITED TIME OFFER
    2. Includes package B PLUS
    3. This includes 4-6 hourly sessions via Skype, Facetime and WhatsApp videos. This has to be negotiated. Extra hours ONLY at the discretion of organisers.
    4. Informal feedback on 2-4 recorded audio sessions, each session maximum of 10 minutes.
    The informal agreement can be terminated by partial refund up to 25% within a month on the sole discretion of the organisers.

    Private 1-1 help available
    If you need 1-1 private tutorials, then this can be also negotiated individually with a senior Registrar. The rate has to be discussed with the individuals.

    EXTRA PERKS for members only
    UPTO 50% discount on high quality esharing casc preparation courses and mocks (watch the space). All the courses and mocks will be adapted to new casc format.
    Best Wishes
    Esharingbook.com team
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  2. Johnson

    Johnson Subscribed

    Testimonies from peers passed CASC in Jan 2018
    17/02/2018, 00:15:50: H 2017: Hi John, Hope you are ok. Not sure if you remember me. I finally made it
    17/02/2018, 00:16:15: H 2017: Jist wanted to say thank you for your efforts on the group previously

    17/02/2018, 08:05:21: M Casc 2017: Hi John... I Passed this January ...
    17/02/2018, 08:05:51: M Casc 2017: You were of immense help. Many thanks.

    16/02/2018, 15:40:45: Ma Casc 2017: Thanks
    16/02/2018, 15:40:56: Ma Casc 2017: Appreciate all your kind advice

    16/02/2018, 13:49:45: N Casc 2017: 15/16 stations paased
    16/02/2018, 13:49:54: N Casc 2017: Thanks for all your support
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