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Join our new casc club group on Whatsapp (FREE)

Discussion in 'Join our "NEW" CASC club whatsapp group for FREE' started by Johnson, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. Johnson

    Johnson Guest

    I work full time as a Specialist Registrar ST6 in old age psychiatry in a well reputed UK NHS trust. I will be acting up as a consultant from November 2020 in a old age community post for 3 months before CCT. I have applied for Approved Clinician status.

    FREE Whatsapp group with FREE weekly practise sessions (strictly for candidates taking CASC within the next year)

    WhatsApp Number +44 7947415393

    Now you can follow us on Facebook - psychiatry training (closed group) with 5.7k members.

    We reserve the right to remove any member if inappropriate comments posted on website/forum at the discretion of the admin.

    Best Wishes
    Esharingbook.com team
    Contact email: esharingbook@yahoo.com
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  2. Johnson

    Johnson Guest

    Testimonies from peers passed CASC in Jan 2018
    17/02/2018, 00:15:50: H 2017: Hi John, Hope you are ok. Not sure if you remember me. I finally made it
    17/02/2018, 00:16:15: H 2017: Jist wanted to say thank you for your efforts on the group previously

    17/02/2018, 08:05:21: M Casc 2017: Hi John... I Passed this January ...
    17/02/2018, 08:05:51: M Casc 2017: You were of immense help. Many thanks.

    16/02/2018, 15:40:45: Ma Casc 2017: Thanks
    16/02/2018, 15:40:56: Ma Casc 2017: Appreciate all your kind advice

    16/02/2018, 13:49:45: N Casc 2017: 15/16 stations paased
    16/02/2018, 13:49:54: N Casc 2017: Thanks for all your support
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  3. Nadeerannk

    Nadeerannk New Member


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