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Discussion in 'Editor's choice' started by Johnson, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Downing Street criticises US comments on Israel

    The so called Hezbollah might consider to stop its aggression and start talking with Israel to come up with a solution
    Equally Israel might consider to sort the sensitive issues of its expansion of its settlements.

    Its very sad that fights continue for lands with human costs even now.

    Hope people realise it before it's too late.
  2. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

  3. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

  4. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

  5. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    27 April
    Israel shoots down Syrian drone over Golan hours after Damascus airport ‘incident’

    Strikes near Damascus ‘in line with Israel policy to stop Iran arms transfers’ – Israeli minister

    Even if this is right, its a violation of international laws as attacking a target within another sovereign country shows only few countries can do like U.S , Israel at their own accord with unilateral decisions with complete discard to available laws, without any consequences.

    Sometimes its best to talk and solve rather than this way, as I fear this way of tackling might be going on until the end of human existence and unfortunately innocent people might be paying the price. Sometimes I feel Jewish people should know better than anyone else what wars can do.
    One day people will realise, sometimes its better than late than never.
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  6. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

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  7. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    IDF targets Syrian positions in response to projectile hitting Golan Heights

    This tit for tat tactics might go on for ever.
    Perhaps IDF might have a understanding with Syrian armed forces of giving some warning shots, rather than directly firing at them.
    I hope Israel understands that Syria is fighting an EVIL that will be soon destroyed completely within Syria.
    Perhaps some help from Israel might benefit each country to rebuild the trust long term.
    Or else this would be a missed opportunity.
    President Assad might reconsider his position with Hezbollah in terms of fighting or supporting against Israel. This might be very important that he initiates some sort of dialogue with Israel for the sake of innocent lives.
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  8. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Authorities seize Israeli-made weapons, discover a tunnel near Bridge of Orontes River

    Well if true this is not the first time of such weapons been seized.
    Hope Israel not siding with anyone !!!!!
    When people speak out must try to be honest, as innocent people pay the price.
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  9. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Syria rejects Israeli occupation’s announcement of holding “local councils” elections in occupied Syrian Golan
    Mr Assad might consider talking to Israel and perhaps consider a mutual agreement to give part of Golan to Isreal on an agreement that Israel stands by Syria at the time of need.
    Well Israel need some breathing space, comparing the land availability, Syria might consider to take that extra step
    If there is untapped wealth hidden in Golan , might consider sharing them.
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  10. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Netanyahu in Paris to commemorate Vel d'Hiv deportation of Jews

    Such events should be never never event in future.

    Mr Assad might consider a crime with lengthy life imprisonments to people who chant death to Israel in Syrian solo as these very people are who instigate sufferings for innocent people by sitting behind a microphone and addressing gatherings.
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  11. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    ‘Annihilate them’: California imam calls on Allah to ‘spare no Jews’

    There is no place for such people who incite religious hatred. Such acts has no place in the current world and should be made a criminal offence leading to rigorous imprisonment, minimum for a year. This might go beyond freedom of speech.
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  12. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Israel ready to go into Syria to 'protect Druze village'

    Syria rejects Israeli occupation’s announcement of holding “local councils” elections in occupied Syrian Golan

    If they do this might a violation of international laws and nothing but an occupation of a sovereign country in violation of its territorial integrity. I believe some countries now that US forces are stationed in Israel is nothing by to cause more chaos.
    Russia might consider this an invasion of a sovereign country and do the needful if any harm caused to the legitimate armed forces of Syria.
    Previously was reported that Israel jets quite blatantly violates the Syrian airspace and now after allegedly being fired at by the activated Syrian air defences with significant damages to their jets, at least on couple of occasions. This might be true as now the jets dare not enter the Syrian airspace, but continues to do so from the Lebanese airspace.

    So now considering a ground invasion and speak to the world how innocents are there. They fire and kill the Syrian armed forces when stray missiles or bullets land in the no man's region of disputed Golan heights with no injuries or harm caused to anyone.

    Recent celebration of creation of Israel state is fine but now I believe some of the measures taken by Israel are to inflict and cause harm to innocents and support others. I hope not Israel is trying to undermine Syria as I hope Israel understands that times have changed.

    As anyone noted and it's interesting, and I believe that ISIS related incidents are happening worldwide with children being killed in Europe and worldwide and innocents mowed down to death with vehicles worldwide. But following so closely the mainstream medias it was never an incident reported in Israel. Its not that I wish anything to happen in Israel, but don't you think its significant as there might be something Israel is doing right ? Some indeed may wonder why?

    If any country has any role in the killing of the innocents, might have serious consequences and it's I believe this might be a matter of time.

    Interesting a spot of ISIS concentration near the South West Syrian border.
    What country would that be ?
    This is where when Syrian forces try to fight the terrorism and stray missiles go into Israel, the Israel military fires back at the very same people trying to fight terrorism.
    What could this mean ? You decide.
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  13. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member




    Interesting map
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