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Discussion in 'Editor's choice' started by Johnson, Dec 27, 2015.

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    17 April
    ISIS launches 2nd chemical attack in Mosul in 2 days, injures 6 Iraqi soldiers

    Had a look at other mainstream medias BBC, SKY, CNN none in top stories, however I might have missed it.
    The demise of these outfits are imminent, now we understand how desperate people might restore to desperate measures. May Allah Almighty show mercy on their souls.

    You decide !!!

    Majority of us are peace loving people, we get out from our beds and go to work so that our loved ones could have a future.

    Unfortunately some are carried away with greed, power and money. Why ? Many had a chance , why continue? Some might consider to stop this.
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    The torture of any humans, including ISIS fighters is condemned which should lead to harsh consequences when a person in military does it as this brings discredit to the entire unit.

    Any military unit should have the highest discipline on earth.

    Help the wounded
    Captives treated fairly or exchanged as prisoners
    All shootings within the war field
    Any form of torture should mean at least minimum 25 years rigorous imprisonment when committed by a military person. This should be ingrained in the training from day 1.

    Hope Iraq take it serious if such allegations are true.

    I am mindful such propaganda filming might Ben used to incite hatred and recruit vulnerable people.

    If proven Iraq might have something to learn from Syria where militia men surrendering to Syrian army, perhaps such men are treated humanly.

    As far I am concerned digging the past might have good and bad things , people remember the bad things more and going through them is like going through the waste bin.
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