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General discussions - can post here but please register

Discussion in 'FIND YOUR STUDY BUDDIES, TRENDING... [PUBLIC VIEW]' started by eadmin, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. eadmin

    eadmin Administrator Staff Member

    Updated 19 Oct 2020
    FREE Whatsapp group with FREE weekly practise sessions (strictly for candidates taking CASC within the next year) with 60+ members.

    Group rules
    PLEASE INTRODUCE ON JOINING TO AVOID REMOVAL( a simple introduction is fine)
    WhatsApp Number +44 7947415393

    FREE weekly casc practise sessions.
    Form your mini groups
    Active discussions
    Post your questions and many more...
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2020
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  2. Sarat

    Sarat New Member

    I am looking for a study partner to practice CASC for the October exams.
    Any one interested?
  3. Dranj

    Dranj New Member

    Anyone interested for January 21 exam?
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  4. rahil

    rahil New Member

    I am interested
  5. eadmin

    eadmin Administrator Staff Member

    Consider to join our free whatsapp group
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  6. Jahnavi

    Jahnavi premium member

    Hi i am interested in joining for January 21 exam
  7. Muhammad

    Muhammad premium member

    whatsapp casc preparation group link? can anyone please share here?

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