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Cooker Hoods

Discussion in 'HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES ( electronics, electricals..)' started by Johnson, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. Johnson

    Johnson Active Member

    Please share your experiences


    I found out some details about cooker hoods

    cheap - http://www.appliance-world.co.uk/integrated-hood/electrolux/efi60012s
    Noise Level 58.1dB
    Extraction 295m3h
    Ducting 100mm

    expensive - http://www.appliance-world.co.uk/integrated-hood/electrolux/efc80800x
    Noise Level 39.9dB
    Extraction 590m3h
    Ducting 120mm

    So lower db, high m3h, not sure what ducting is ? it seems the higher the better

    so the home work starts......

    This might be very important for any families cooking spicy foods to have the extractor/hood working well
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